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Within the Delicious Lick of a Dream



Within the delicious lick of a dream

Stood you, charged with meaning

Waiting for me


As if you sensed my breath

The space between us dissolved

And you opened the door to reveal

Me, already crumbling


With one strong hand you grasped my thin wrist,

Pulled me into the room breathless

Pinned it above my head


Air escaped me

And with your other sturdy hand

Gripped my graceful neck, forcefully

with longing


All this time of waiting

To dismantle ourselves


Fingers explored inches of skin

Wrist, elbow, shoulder

The hollow of collarbone

Wisp of hair

And settled gently on my face


Started me dissolving


Reading the silence from blue eyes

You titled my parted mouth

toward you

stole the moisture from my lips


The walls around me crumbled

And the wind rushed in