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Born of My Body



You look just like a dream

and I could stare at you forever

your little eyes, and perfect little fingernails

ten perfect little toes


you were born from these arms and these legs

like boughs of a wise tree

that hold you safely, rocking


your breath in soft bursts

like gusts of warm wind

on a cloudy day

quickens my heart


I would stand for days in the rain

so your soft hair would not feel a drop


I would bundle you in all the blankets of the world

so you would not feel the chill of cold air


I would fight with teeth and nails and fists

to protect you from any harm


I would give up my life for you


so small and fragile

so dependant on the milk of my breasts

yet I have been transformed


the moment you were laid in my arms

skin on skin

my breathing was replaced

with your name


I let go, and am unable to endure

the magic that is you

without tears of joy


though you were born of my body

in an instant

you gave life

to me




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