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Interview: Motocross Brothers Travis and Tyler Gibbs

While watching my four year old son slowly navigate the kids track at Popkum Motorsports Park I was impressed with the overall riding ability and smoothness of one young rider. I found out from his mom Christine (a true motomom) that he was only 7 years old and that he and his 12 year old brother travel around Canada and the USA to pursue their riding dreams.  I caught up with the two boys to ask them a few questions and loved their candid answers which you can read below.

Here is a short video from Popkum of young Travis:


Q: How old are you?

Travis: 7 Years Old.

Tyler: 12 Years Old


Q: When did you start riding dirtbikes?

Travis: When I was 3 Years Old.

Tyler: Same, at 3 years old.


Q: What do you like about riding?

Travis: It’s fun!

Tyler: Railing the corners!




Q: When did you start racing? 

Travis: When I was 4.

Tyler: 4 years old.


Q:  Why did you want to race?

Travis: My big brother did it.  

Tyler: My dad did it and it looked like fun.


Q: What is the coolest thing about racing motocross?

Travis: Riding different tracks.

Tyler:  Travelling all over and meeting cool people.




Q: What kind of bike(s) do you have?

Travis: A Cobra 50

Tyler: A KX 85 and KX 100


Q: Who are your racing idols?  Who do you look up to or want to be like?

Travis: Ricky Carmichael!

Tyler: Ricky Carmichael!


Q: When you go to school to people believe that you race motocross?  Do they think it’s cool?

Travis: No. No.

Tyler: Yes.  No,  They have no idea what mx is like. They think it’s easy.


Q: Do you ever get scared?

Travis: No.

Tyler: Yes.


Q: What is your favourite part about racing?  Starts, whoops, berms, jumping?

Travis: Jumping

Tyler: Jumping and railing the berms.




Q: What is the hardest part about racing motocross?

Travis: Starts

Tyler: You always have to be on your A game.


Q: What else do you like to do?

Travis: Ride Scooters

Tyler: Scooters


Q: You guys travel a lot for your racing, do you enjoy the travel?  What is your favourite track?

Travis: No.  Milestones California.

Tyler: Yes.  Milestones California.


Q: What has been your biggest racing accomplishment?

Travis: Qualifying for Lorretta Lynns at Washogal Washington.  They only take the top 4 riders from the North West Region.

Tyler: Being accepted onto the FOX BRIGADE rider sponsorship program.




Q: What series do you race?

Travis: Everywhere.

Tyler: Everywhere.


Q: What’s next for you and your racing?

Travis: Arenacross.

Tyler: Arenacross.


Q: You have a brother that races as well. What is it like to ride together as a family?  Do you teach each other things?

Travis: We have fun.  I like watching my brother ride.

Tyler: It’s fun to ride together. We push each other.




Q: What are your racing goals?

Travis: Win, have fun, keep practicing!

Tyler: Win some Championships and have fun!


Good luck boys!!

Watch Tyler Gibbs GoPro at Mission Raceway here: 


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