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Free trip to Paris? Yes Please!

I never paid any attention to radio contests. Win this, win that, be caller number 1, 5, 10 etc, etc.  I always thought they were for hard core radio listeners who had the station’s number on speed dial and sat around listening in hopes of winning some free tickets to a show or whatever.


That is, until I won something big.


I was driving along listening to shore 104.3 Vancouver’s Adult Alternative station when I heard them announce a chance to win a trip to Paris to see the Lumineers in concert. “Be caller number 9 right now for your chance to win!” they said.  So I grabbed my phone and with fumbley fingers tried to dial the number.  I screwed up the first time, hung up, and almost didn’t try again figuring I’d be way too late by then but I redialed, put the phone to my ear and to my absolute shock, it RANG.


“Hello, who is this?” the DJ asked.

“This is Misti” I said slowly.

“Congratulations you are caller number 9!!” they whooped.  “Do you speak French?”

“Un petit peu.” I responded in terrible French and they laughed and told me I was on the standby list for winning a trip to Paris to see the Lumineers.  They would announce the winner Friday morning at 7:30am.


Wooohooooo!  I was excited that I had managed to get through and that I was on the “standby list” but I was also very sceptical about ever actually winning anything.  I kinda thought that radio contests were a bit of a scam. “Whoever wins these things?” I thought to myself.


However, as I usually do with things I want to achieve or get or accomplish I started visualizing myself jumping on a plane, checking out the Eiffel Tower, walking through the streets of Paris, alone…with no kids. I dreamt about winning the trip. I dreamt about having some time to spend with just my husband and I. I dreamt about sleeping.  Then I  forgot about the contest and went on my merry way.


Fast forward to Friday morning.  My hubby wakes me up as usual just before 7:00am.  He’s been up with our 4 year old son since 6:00.  I’m wasted because I was up about 17 times in the night, ok well not 17 but 4 or 5 times at least to deal with nightmares and scary things, sips of water, and trips to the potty.


On my way to the kitchen to get my coffee I grab my phone to check my emails and catch up on the news when I notice that I have two missed calls from  6:44am and 6:46am.  At first I’m nervous wondering why someone would be calling me that early in the morning, twice, and while I’m waiting for the voice message to play back I suddenly remember the radio contest.


“See ya babe, I’m off to work.” says John as he’s heading out the door.

“Wait!” I yell. “I think we won the trip!!  I think we won the trip to Paris!!”


My heart is beating hard now, I’m getting excited.  I’m pretty sure we must have won the trip, why else would they be calling.  The message says “Misti, wake up.  Wake up Misti.  Call us back.  Hurry up and call us back.”


“Call them back!” John says, a little jiggle in his body.

Ring. Ring.  “Shore 104.”

“Hi this is Misti, I got a message to call you back.”

“Oh hi Misti.  You got a message did you?  What did the message say?  Why did we want you to call us back?

“I don’t know, there was just a message.” I reply waiting, waiting.

“Have you ever been to Paris?” they ask.

“Do I get to go?  Did I win the trip?!”  Excitement is building. “Tell me I won the trip.  Do I get to go?”

“Ohhhhh can you hear the excitement in her voice?” Long pause as they drag the suspense out a little longer.

“You won the trip!  Congratulations, Misti Hurst you are going to Paris!!” they announce in typical radio voices.”



John and I start dancing around the room.  “We’re going to Paris!  We’re going to Paris!”




Grand prize trip:  Flight for 2 to Paris, France.  2 Tickets to see the Lumineers.  4 Night hotel stay and $1000 spending cash.


I get a text from my mom.  “Whose babysitting?” she asks.

“Uh, You?”


So, apparently radio contests are legit and normal regular people can win awesome stuff sometimes. We leave for Paris tomorrow. Oh and FYI, Shore 104.3 is running another contest for Buenos Aries to see Dave Matthews Band.  Check it: Shore 104.3 



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