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Exclusive 33 Minute Mick Doohan Interview


In this exclusive web interview, 5x 500cc MotoGP World Champion Mick Doohan weighs in on the great “leg dangling” phenomenon of current Grand Prix riders and comments on the evolution of body position and style.  We also discuss Formula 1, crashing, electronic riding aids, personality traits of champions, go-karting, parenting moto kids, and much much more.


It was an incredible and unique experience for me to chat with the Australian racing legend and I can’t thank him enough for giving me the opportunity.  Wooohoooo 🙂


Please enjoy, and leave your comments below!





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8 Responses to “Exclusive 33 Minute Mick Doohan Interview”

  1. Drew

    Awesome interview Misti!
    It was interesting that Doohan did not mention Stoner at all. I thought he would when talking about dirt biking helping road racers but he did not.
    Hearing him talk about his first real bike, a rd 350 was cool as it was my first street bike and bought another one just 3 years ago.
    The index finger “traction control” was very funny.


    Ps, are you going to post this on and VFR world?

  2. Mike

    Awesome job Twisty
    I found the skype call was good quality. Some breakups still are normal
    And pretty good interview skills for the first time and will only get better as you do more.
    He was a great choice for you……very easy going and interesting
    ……..and I clicked

  3. Misti Hurst

    Glad you enjoyed it Jason 🙂 It was certainly enjoyable to talk to him in person!

  4. Misti Hurst

    Thanks Drew! He said some pretty funny things for sure 🙂 I haven’t had a chance to post on or VFR World yet. Feel free to post on those forums if you like.

  5. robert croly

    lots of fascinating insight from “the man”. I remember being awestruck at his sheer speed on those “unrideable” GP bikes. They surely earned their money in those days. I was surprised he didn’t mention such an incredible rider as Stoner. Great stuff Misti thanks to you.

  6. Phil Loudon

    Good value. I met Mick at the 2011 MotoGP at Phillip Is. I had also met Wayne Gardener minutes before. So, how I met Mick… I saw him and Wayne arguing with security as to where they were allowed to go… As Mick turned, I slapped him on the arm and introduced myself! I told him, “Mate, we only had Wayne in our tent! Any chance to get a happy snap (Photo) with you?” He laughed and said “No worries”…
    We’re not much different…

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