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Come Back For Cuddles!

I created a game the other day. It’s pretty awesome.

Out of sheer necessity I dreamt up an activity that keeps the kids running around and happy. It’s a game that makes them feel like I’m actively participating, and makes me feel like I’m not.


Genius I know.


It was 7:09am, both kids were bouncing off the wall and all I wanted to do was sit and enjoy a hot cup of coffee.


Run Away…Come Back For Cuddles was born.


Both kids were fighting over who got to sit with me and watch cartoons.  They were pushing each other, screeching, pushing me, jumping on my legs and jostling me about.


I honestly felt like shoving them both off the couch, sticking in some earplugs and walking out the front door, with my coffee in hand.


Instead, I took a deep breath, looked at their cute little feisty faces, tried to appreciate the fact that they love me sooooooo much they want me all for themselves.


Then I shouted, “Come for cuddles!”


The kids stopped fighting and screaming and happily dived into me for cuddles and tickles and kisses and cuddly squishiness. Then I must have had a flash of brilliance or an epiphany or something because then I yelled, “now RUN AWAY!!’


They stopped.  Two blond little heads tilted, two pairs of beautiful blue eyes stared at me inquisitively. Then they shrieked and screamed and ran off down the hallway giggling.




I took a deep breath, I SAVOURED the seconds of quiet, I closed my eyes, I enjoyed a glorious long sip of hot coffee.  I rolled my shoulders, I stretched my neck, I took another deep breath. Then I shouted, “come back for cuddles!’


More shrieking, the pitter patter of tiny little feet on cold tiles, that marvelous sound of small children laughing and then they came flying back into my arms in a tangle of blond hair and creamy soft skin.  A minute of delicious, happy, joyful, loving, silly, cuddles and kisses!


There I was being IN THE MOMENT.  There I was appreciating every second, every sloppy wet gooey kiss, every giggle, every giddy shout.


“Run away!”


photo 1


Ahhhh, another sip of coffee, another deep breath, another solitary lovely rare QUIET moment to myself as they stood by the door on the other side of the house paralyzed with eager anticipation.  I could hear them whispering, they were playing WITH each other, there was no fighting… bliss.


“Come back for cuddles!!”


I felt pure joy, happiness, love, little warm cuddly bodies, kisses, smiles, laughter.


Brilliant, I know.


There I was SITTING on my couch magically enjoying a few seconds of silence, a few sips of coffee, the laughter of children while at the same time they were running, and giggling, running and jumping, running and tiring themselves out.


Well at least for 17 minutes….



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2 Responses to “Come Back For Cuddles!”

  1. Cindy

    That’s freaking brilliant! I’m totally going to “steal” that game! 🙂

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