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Race History

In February 2000 with zero previous experience in anything moto related I learned how to ride a motorcycle at the age of 24.

My first bike was a well used CBR 600.

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In January 2001 I purchased a brand new Kawasaki ZX6-R after logging over 50,000kms on the Honda.

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In April 2001 I went to watch my first ever motorcycle race at Seattle International Raceway and was able to take my bike around for a few laps of the track as part of the “taste of racing” program.

The ride that changed everything!  First time ever on a race track.

The ride that changed everything! First time ever on a race track.

The minute I got on the track, I KNEW I had to race.  I came back in, huge smile, huge grin….where do I sign up?

On July 1st 2001 I received my novice race licence through the Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association (


Exactly one year later  (after selling the car to buy a mini van, and picking up a crashed Suzuki SV 650 for a race bike) I won my first race.  Westwood Motorcycle Road Racing Club ( 650 Supersport Twins at Mission Raceway Park in B.C.


Photo by Lorne Vogt

Later that year, I clinched the 650 Twins class Championship for the WRMC, and finished with a 10th place overall in the WMRRA series.


Early in 2003, one of my sponsors sent me to the California Superbike School ( to learn some important riding and racing tips. After doing level 1 and 2 at Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey CA, and level 3 and 4 at the Streets of Willow Springs, I came back to racing with a stepped up race program.


Keith Code and I at Laguna Seca 2003

During that year, I managed several podium finishes in the WMRC Series at Mission, the WMRRA series in Seattle and Spokane, the EMRA series in Edmonton and the CMRA series in Calgary. I ended the season with a massive crash and broke my collarbone.

Photo by Lorne Vogt

I didn’t race in 2004  because of finances and instead put my energy into pursuing some moto-journalism and writing options. I was then  offered the opportunity of a lifetime to ride a race in the Rumi Honda CBR Cup Series in Italy in September 04 by Honda Italy. A six week trip to Europe was planned with visits to England, Spain (where I rode with the British arm of the California Superbike School at Almeria) Portugal, Morocco, France and finally Italy where I was supposed to race. Unfortunately, miscommunications and some unforeseen events meant that upon arrival at the track in Misano, San Marino, I was told I would not be allowed to race. I did however have the opportunity to ride in pre qualifying and practice on both a Honda CBR 600RR and a CBR 1000RR thanks to the kindness and generosity of Sarah and Oscar Rumi.


I didn’t race in 2005 either until I heard about the Pro Honda Oils Women’s Cup Challenge and with the help of George Budacki from Turn 2 Racing participated in my first ever 600cc race in at Shannonville Raceway in Ontario. It was there that I completely changed my mind about the idea of a women’s only roadracing series.  Find the article published in Roadracing World here:I won the first race in the rain and then crashed out of the second with a mighty highside that left me bruised but not broken. My passion for racing was re-kindled.

Photo by Flair Photo

Photo by Flair Photo

2006 was an exciting and challenging year of racing in which I competed in both the Parts Canada AM 600 Nationals and the Pro Honda Oils Women’s Cup Challenge across Canada. After a slow start, getting used to racing the 600, I finished 6th and 7th place against the men in the nationals for a 9th place finish overall in the championship which placed me as the top female racer in the series. I enjoyed several poduim finishes in the women’s expert series and finished 3rd place overall.

mosport by jeepy 9

Photo by Jeepy

During this time I also trained rigorously with the California Superbike School, and assisted with some coaching  across the country.

CSS demo

Photo by Etech Photo

In 2007 with the help and support of Keith Code, Kawasaki USA and many other generous sponsors I participate in my first AMA race which literally blew me away. I thought I knew what fast was but I was seriously mistaken. During my debut ride, on a brand new stock ZX6-at Infinneon Raceway I made the last place on the grid 44th out of over 56 competitors and then finished  39th. I raced  5 more AMA events and qualified for all of them. I was living my dream.


In 2008 I teamed with fellow California Superbike School sponsored rider Josh Galster and together we campaigned the entire AMA Supersport Championship Series along with selected Formula Extreme events, while simultaneously coaching part time at approximately 40+ school dates at over  14 different tracks in North America. I succeeded in reaching my goal of a top 25 finish in an AMA event, twice with two 23rd’s.

photo by Studio 819

photo by Studio 819

After an incredible race season I got married in September and my husband and I decided we were too far in debt because of racing to pursue it any further,  and that it was high time we start a family.  We now have two beautiful kids, Ashton aged 4 and Kai aged 2.  Since retiring from racing I have continued to ride with the California Superbike School as much as possible, private coach young talented racers, write a monthly column for Motorcycle Mojo, hit the motocross track whenever possible and teach my two little ones to ride.

John and Misti with the late Peter Lenz. Photo by Evan Wollenberg

John and I with the late Peter Lenz. Photo by Evan Wollenberg

More details on my riding resume and race results can be found here:

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