Hi, Misti here.


I used to race motorcycles in AMA 600 Supersport and Formula Extreme and jet set around the world coaching and writing.  Now I stay home with my two kids, son Ashton (4), and daughter Kai (2) and try to keep myself from going insane with the mononoty of sleepless nights, dishes, laundry, groceries, poo…you get the point.

I drink a lot of coffee until I feel it’s acceptable to switch to wine and then I enjoy my wine with some good quality organic dark chocolate, or regular chocolate, or chocolate chips or baking chocolate or whatever chocolate I can find… anywhere.

I still ride with CSS when I think I can escape for a few days without my husband and children completely falling apart.  I’ve private coached some of the fastest kids in North America including Peter Lenz, John Gessner, Jonathan Finn and Jake Hayes.  I take my family to the motocross, go-kart and bmx track as often as possible and I somehow manage to submit my monthly articles for Motorcycle Mojo Magazine on time.

I have a B.A degree in Child and Youth Care from the University of Victoria which helps tremendously in my day to day interactions with the kids I work with but none of the techniques seem to help me be a better parent to my own rascals. (go figure).

I started this blog in order to stay connected to the sport and community that I’m so passionate about even when I can’t take off for a weekend of racing or riding because my duties as a mom take precedent.

Here I’ll talk about racing, riding skills, cornering technique, suspension, track days, riding gear, motorcross, dirtbiking, mountain biking and the kick ass people that love this stuff. It’s also a place where you can learn about rad moto kids, and get ideas on how to successfully support them as they dirtbike, ski, go-kart, bmx and race towards their dreams.

I hope you’ll join me in my struggle to find balance between life, adventure, kids and motorcycles.  Enjoy.


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